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Eating a Meal

About me & 400-Calorie Recipes

Why 400-calories? For a long time I believed that a daily caloric intake of 1600 calories (3, 400-calorie meals plus 2, 200-calorie snacks) was the key to shaving off unwanted pounds. Most doctors would tend to agree reduced calories, and increased exercise, is a safe method for weight loss over time. *


Funny thing is, it never worked for me. Or at least, it would work short term before I'd plateau and the pounds would start to return. I would become frustrated and depressed and end up at a higher weight than I started. I had to find a better way of reaching my weight goals, and fast. So I started researching and searching for the answer that would work for me.

However, during the decades I spent trying to make 1600 calories a day work for me, I developed a huge array or recipes that fit that framework. As part of my new regimen, I still use many of these recipes today. If anything, they do help in two ways: they demonstrate what a single portion of those dishes looks like, and the nutrient counts for those dishes can help determine if they will fit into a given eating plan.

I started this website to make it easier for anyone looking for healthy recipes that happen to be lower in calories. I've tried to make each recipe easy to follow, with as few exotic ingredients as possible. I've also tried to include a range of meals that fit into any diet, whether you're vegan, vegetarian, keto, paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free, or none of these.

So what started working for me? Intermittent fasting and a reduced-carbohydrate diet. *


I discovered that the hormone insulin is the thing that was stopping me from burning fat and a diet high in the wrong kind of carbohydrates was only making things worse. I learned that our understanding of the calories in food, and how our bodies use them, was developed over 100 years ago and hasn't been modernized since. I learned how reducing my calories resulted in a slowing of my metabolism when I could least afford it to slow. And I understand that 1 shoe won't fit everyone.

I'm not a professional chef, registered dietician, or nutritionist, I've just been learning how to combine foods my entire life. Cooking is a creative and yummy way to say, "I love you." Even if you are just talking to yourself. So, a great way to love yourself and those around you is to make meals that are fresh, healthy and full of love.


I hope you try all of the recipes found here and enjoy your own creative process. Eat well and stay healthy.

*Before making any changes to your diet you should

consult your physician or other health practitioner. Please refer

to our Health and Nutritional Disclaimer for more information.

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