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I'm an outgoing Christian woman with a strong zest for life. I'm physically disabled and I have congestive heart failure, atrial fibrillation, and pacemaker but that still doesn't stop me from enjoying things. I have a wonderful, intelligent, great-looking son, named Gordon and a spunky but sweet, beautiful, Tuxedo rescue girl kitty named Lucky!

I'm extremely proactive. I don't go to public places and my apartment is not used for entertaining. I also don't go to anyone's else's home. I'm active in two Bible studies, two prayer meetings and two church services a week! I like to cook but I keep it at a minimum due to my physical disability. This means I cook just for myself. I like watching movies and going outside sometimes talking to some of the residents on the patio of my apartment. We are outside and are social distancing, so we're safe. Also, I like to take a ride in my power chair in the park or go sit by the creek which is right by my building! sometimes I'll take my power chair through the neighborhood to this up-scale grocery store. I don't have to go on any busy streets and the neighborhood that I go through is very nice and pretty. As I'm riding through the neighborhood, I see people on the way and they are all friendly. Someday not too far in the future, I'm going to go live with my son in the same city. I know I said that I cook for myself but when I get to be with my son in the same city, I will cook for him and his family sometimes! it won't be a big giant spread but it will be enough food and it will taste awesome because I know cooking like the back of my hand!

Paula N. Nowak

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